Sebastiaan van den Bosch

" Pasionate Web Developer "


I started out with .NET framework with C#, picked up PHP along the way and dabble in Ruby on Rails.

Web Design

I don't suck at it but I prefer to work with the cool guys that do a fantastic job


I'm not a pro but I'm pretty awesome. And if you do need pro, I know just the crowd

What you can expect


I deliver quality code, a friendly smile and a wealth of experience.

what drives me?

I am a button freak with a passion for everything digital and technical. But coffee and beer are a great force too!

what I do best?

I like getting my hands dirty with the logic side of things, working out business requirements with clients and pairing it with the best technology available.

want to find out more?

Drop me a line via the contact form, we'll work something out.

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